Bradley Wampler

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Bradley Wampler is the founder of Bradley Interiors, based in Columbus, Ohio.


Bradley moved from Russia to the United States with his parents when he was 6 months old. He has been working in interior design for the past three decades. His biggest inspiration is his uncle, who had a design studio when he was a teenager. His uncle was the one who first introduced Bradley to the world of designs and interiors. He started working as a receptionist at his uncle’s studio during his summer breaks and then as an apprentice with him when Bradley was a high schooler. 


His uncle provided a solid foundation in the design field, covering everything from the principles of color theory to more complex concepts like color psychology and its effects on people. Bradley became enamored with the science of design and interiors at an early age to the point that he knew he wanted to follow in his uncle’s footsteps and build his career in this field. Bradley took advantage of a dual enrollment program during his senior year of high school to jump-start his career. 


Bradley was already a sophomore when his peers were freshmen the next year. Bradley graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design with a bachelor’s degree in Interior, Architecture & Design at record speed. His first job after graduation was as an assistant to an architectural design firm owner. This role enabled him to gain significant experience with color selection, furniture placement, and window treatment ideas. His dedication and knack for creativity rapidly developed a loyal following. Bradley Wampler started Bradley Interiors in Jan 2001. Over the last two decades of Bradley Interiors, Bradley has worked with hundreds of residential and commercial clients and delivered beyond their expectations.


Bradley Wampler is ecstatic to have converted her passion into a profession. He enjoys engaging with his customers and experiencing excitement when their decorating dreams come true. Besides designing and beautifying his clients’ properties, Bradley is a loving father of 3 and big support for his wife, Jenny. She is a textile designer running her fashion studio. They love traveling the world and exploring new cuisines. 

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Bradley Wampler

Bradley Wampler is the creator of Bradley Interiors, a Columbus, Ohio-based interior design firm. When Brad was 6 months old, he emigrated from Russia to the United States with his parents. For the last three decades, he has worked in the field of interior design.

His uncle, a designer as a teenager, has always been his greatest inspiration. His uncle was the one who first introduced Bradley to the world of designs and interiors. During his summer breaks, he began working as a receptionist at his uncle’s studio before eventually becoming an apprentice with him when he was in high school.

Bradley completed his bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture & Design at an incredible pace at Columbus College of Art & Design.