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Bradley Wampler

Bradley Wampler, the founder of Bradley Interiors in Columbus, Ohio moved to the United States from Russia with his parents when he was only 6 months old. He has been working as an interior designer for the past three decades, and his biggest inspiration is his uncle. His uncle had a design studio when he was a teenager, which sparked He’s initial interest in design.

Bradley’s uncle first introduced him to the world of designs and interiors. He worked as a receptionist at his uncle’s studio during summer breaks and then as an apprentice when Bradley was in high school. His uncle’s expertise in design paved the way for him, covering topics such as color theory all the way to more intricate concepts like how colors affect people psychologically.

Ever since he was young, Bradley knew he wanted a career in design and interiors like his uncle.  So, during his senior year of high school, he took advantage of a dual enrollment program to get ahead and start professionally. Bradley graduated from college a year early, attending senior-level classes while his peers were still taking freshman-level ones. Bradley attended the Columbus College of Art & Design and earned his degree in Interior, Architecture & Design rapidly.

He graduated and got a job as an assistant to an architectural design firm owner. This role granted him experience with colors, furniture placement, and window treatments.

Bradley Wampler’s dedication to his craft and creativity resulted in a sizable following for Bradley Interiors, which he founded in Jan 2001. In the last two decades, Bradley has juggled hundreds of residential and commercial clients while still delivering top-tier results.

Bradley Wampler is thrilled to have made his passion into a profession. He loves being able to interact with customers and seeing their excitement when their decorating dreams come true.

Bradley is a loving father of three and a great supporter for his wife, Jenny, who is also a textile designer. They enjoy traveling the world and learning about new cuisines.